Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) document for sauna and electric boat rental.


GreenBoats AS offers electric boats rental and sauna from Aker Brygge, Oslo. GreenBoats objective is to provide their clients with an enjoyable and safe experience. GreenBoats works hard to promote their activities in a positive manner while ensuring that they are carried out in a way that reduces the risk (to the extent possible in a world full of variables). A significant way to minimise accidents is through the assessment of risk factors, with accompanying measures to gain as much control as possible.

This document is available to all GreenBoats employees and contractors. This HSE document is dynamic and subject to ongoing evaluation and processing. For significant changes/updates to the document’s contents, notifications shall be sent out to all GreenBoats employees via email.


Goals for Health and Safety

  • GreenBoats aim for health, safety and the environment, is to cause zero harm. This applies both to the environment and their clients physical and mental health.
  • GreenBoats will, through proper planning and risk assessments, ensure that the company’s primary activities take place with a high degree of safety.
  • Through systematic training of employees, Greenboats will work to create a high level of awareness in regards to the environment and personal safety.
  • Safety is always Greenboats foremost priority.
  • Greenboats activities should not cause adverse effects or unnecessary interference with the environment they operate within.
  • Greenboats abides by local norms and regulations pertaining to travel in nature.
  • Greenboats shall not litter or damage nature.
  • Greenboats employees will actively seek information on events and new instruction opportunities to further their learning in safety and risk management.


It is the responsibility of Dean Hansson, the CEO, and other employees, to collectively make sure all safety requirements for themselves, the clients and the environment are satisfied. Activities related to Boats are associated with some risk.

GreenBoats goal is to promote education and information, as well as to make sure that operations can be carried out with as low a risk as possible. It is nevertheless essential that each participant (partaking in the activities) takes full responsibility for themselves, and makes independent decisions to keep themselves safe. Minors must have the approval of parents or guardians to participate in activities, and in this case, the caretaker takes the responsibility of the participant.


  • Company website –
  • A list of GreenBoats rental options, trips and sauna bookings can be found on their webpage. These pages may contain the following information:
    1. Place, time and date of rental.
    2. Physical health and age required to participate.
    3. Information on the rental / booking and any expected difficulties.
    4. An electric boat trip is undertaken from a start to an end point, involving travel on sea.
  • Dean Hansson is the owner/operator of GreenBoats AS and has full authority regarding employment, planning of trips, boat / sauna equipment and all things that come under HSE.

Organisation Plan

GreenBoats formal organisation is comprised of Dean Hansson (CEO). Dean appoints the necessary employees to instruct prior to trips / saunas, who are required for the desired and proper operation of activities.

Responsibility and Authority

GreenBoats owner, Dean Hansson, is responsible for the formal management of the company. This includes developing and maintaining the companies HMS documents and making these available to employees. He may delegate the authority to carry out practical work on HMS documents to a Safety Committee, comprised of employees or contractors. HSE documents should be available at company headquarters (i.e. stored on a digital file).  All significant changes to / updates of HSE documents shall be made known to employees via email.

Guidelines for safety at GreenBoats AS

GreenBoats HSE guidelines are related to the general safety of the companies activities and not wholly comprehensive. It is important to note that the nature of outdoor activities can entail substantial variation that will require specific measures to ensure proper safety. Employees working for GreenBoats do not require formal qualifications or documented training but will be carefully inspected by Dean Hansson for suitability to carry out operations. GreenBoats employees shall abide by instructions as described in the companies HSE documents, but can not under any circumstances be liable for the safety of participants.

Risk Assessment

  • Boating has a small element of risk, and the danger that incidents can happen is always present. Safety on the water is all about the experience, skills, equipment and prevention/risk reduction measures.
  • Below we present a list of safety measures to be followed while renting an electric boat from GreenBoats AS. These should not be construed as absolute law. To ensure safety during boating, skills and judgment are more important than following rigid guidelines:
    1. If boating in the fjord, we assume that the passengers can swim or have guardians to assist them in the act.
    2. No boating should be attempted before the necessary briefing is completed.
    3. Renters should closely follow all instructions laid out prior to entering the water. This will include among other things where to travel (and what areas to avoid), how to safely operate the vessel and how to behave while on the water.
    4. Organize the group in a way that maintains the security of each member of the group as a whole.
    5. Plan your trip prior to leaving. Inform the present employee on your planned destination and how long you will be away.
    6. Have on hand a phone number to the GreenBoats employee present and RS rescue services in the case on an emergency .
  • Sauna can have great benefits to health however the exposure to high temperature as well as cold water can put stress on a body. Keeping this in mind, visitors should be in good physical condition before taking part in any sauna related activities.
  • Below we present a list of safety measures to be followed while visiting the GreenBoats sauna. These should not be construed as absolute law. To ensure safety, Being aware of ones own health and only staying for as long as is comfortable is more important than following rigid guidelines:
    1. Anyone with a history of heart or respiratory illness should only take part after being cleared by their health professional.
  • There will be considerable variation in personal risk factors, so GreenBoats employees should, therefore, carry out a more detailed review for each participant.
  • It is important to state that no safety measures can replace the common-sense of the individuals themselves, whose attitudes, diligence, and health will play a huge role in their own personal safety. It will thus be important for GreenBoats to work on attitudes to safety and encourage greater personal diligence and responsibility in this area among its clients/participants.

Information about GreenBoats Rentals

All rentals organized by GreenBoats shall contain information that helps clients easily determine whether the trip / sauna fits their experience and skill level. The on site employee shall give more detailed information to the clients about the trip / sauna.

Risk measures

GreenBoats trips / saunas have associated risks involved. Below is an assessment of some key points related to GreenBoats activities. Risks, causes and measures listed in this assessment should be regarded as a general basis for their operations, but can not under any circumstances be assumed complete. Employees are encouraged to provide ongoing feedback to the GreenBoats HSE committee, allowing an experience database to be compiled over time.

Heath and Safety Plan

  1. Cooling (hypothermia) – Heat loss (hypothermia) is a significant risk factor in Norway, due to cold weather and water, even in summer. Cold weakens a persons strength and ability to judge situations sensibly. If a person is exposed to cold over a prolonged period, indicating uncontrolled shivering, reduced power, problems with coordination, difficulty speaking or apathy, that person has hypothermia.
  2. Weather conditions – Weather conditions should be assessed before each rental.
  3. Rocks, reefs and man made structures – One should exercise great caution concerning rocks and reefs below the surface as well as human-made structures. Remains (typically, old docks, foundations, wrecks) can contain visible and invisible dangers, such as protruding metal, which you could get stuck on or damage the boat. Renters should always avoid the obstacles and always be on the lookout for dangers such as these.
  4. Distance, assistance, warning – Distance to medical facilities, the ability to contact emergency services and emergency exit points are wise to take into account in case of an accident. GreenBoats employees must know where the planned trip will be taking place, also the emergency numbers (113) and the whereabouts of the nearest medical facility. It is essential to have a clear understanding of the above, before allowing customers to leave on their trip or take part in a sauna.
  5. Conflict with other water users – There are many examples of disputes between different users of waterways, especially where transport is involved. It is vital that boaters are polite and respectful to all other recreators and are aware of busy areas to avoid (such as ferry lanes).
  6. Littering – Bring all garbage home. Leave the area like it was when you arrived or in even better condition.
  7. Safety – Regardless of the trip, the following safety equipment is required:
    • Life jacket
    • First aid kit (one is always onboard each boat)
    • Cell phone. Customers should have access to a phone with all required contact numbers (emergency services and GreenBoats AS)
    • Always arrive dressed in appropriate clothing. The weather is always subject to change and can become cold on the fjord very fast. Warm clothes as well as a raincoat should be brought along. Systematic monitoring and reviewing GreenBoats shall review this safety document at least once each year, to ensure that it is updated, is relevant to the activity and ensures that the goals set for the HMS document are complete. Documentation of accidents/incidents
    • Undesirable event: an event that resulted or could have resulted in severe injury or severe damage to the environment/surroundings. The purpose of reporting adverse events is to learn from them; making the same incident avoidable in the future. It will additionally provide a basis to improve and adapt the companies HMS documents.
    • Events should be reported to the senior employee, post-trip.
    • Incident report form of the undesired incident to be filled out by the senior employee and given to owner/operator. This form can be found in digital storage with the companies archive. This form may (but need not) be used for reporting depending on seriousness.
    • It is permissible to deliver the report anonymously, but it is desirable to be able to contact the reporter for further information about the incident. No event is too small to be reported, but ordinary and undramatic occurrences during trips are not considered to be a noteworthy incident. The company gratefully accepts all reports. Purpose
    • These guidelines have been prepared as part of the HMS plan for GreenBoats AS, and must be read in conjunction with all its annexes. In the case where there are differences, then apply the most conservative policy at the given time (whatever that means).
    • The following guidelines purpose is to outline what minimum level of safety is required and what procedures are expected to be carried out during trips.
    • Boating and sauna activities involve risk, and it is, therefore, necessary to have risk reduction measures. The scope of actions will vary depending on the type of activity to be undertaken, local conditions, and the particular group. Therefore there will be some situations where the guidelines in this document should be waived. A risk assessment of the activity to be carried out will determine the need for further action, or whether it may be prudent to reduce measures. This HMS document is customised for GreenBoats specific activities, and it may thus be necessary for other steps to be taken into account for other activities.
    • The guidelines in this document should be considered a foundation for the safe operation of activities; this includes all our saunas and trips on the fjord. Implementation of activities by GreenBoats
    • GreenBoats will always act in the most prudent and safe manner possible. Safety should always be a priority.
    • Participants will abide by GreenBoats policies and the senior employees instructions.
    • Participants can be rejected from participating before, or during. activities. Reasons for this may include:
      1. Group composition/dynamics (i.e. causing trouble).
      2. Personal lack of necessary equipment required to attend.
      3. The person is not fit to participate in the activity/trip.
      4. The person is unwilling to comply with GreenBoats guidelines and/or the GreenBoats employees instructions.
      5. They are intoxicated.
  • Any employee or participant has the right and duty to stop all irresponsible activity as well as notify any breach of GreenBoats guidelines.

Emergency Contact Numbers

  1. Police 112
  2. Ambulance 113
  3. Oslo Legevakt – Central Oslo Area Rosenkrantzgate 9, 0159 Oslo (For incidents that happen during activities on Akerselva and Oslo