Our saunas are open for drop in drop in 07-21 Tuesday to Sunday. No need to book – just drop in! Drop in costs NOK 249 ,- (25% discount for students) and we accept payment by card, Vipps or cash. We sell clip cards, memberships and giftcards online or in person at Oslo Fjord Spa.

It is up to you but most people sauna for 1 to 2 hours. Please take regular breaks to cool down and remember to drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

We have reduced the capacity of our saunas during drop in. Read more about our Covid-19 infection control measures.

Yes, you can book a sauna for a private party online. Prices from NOK 3490 for 2 hours. 2 and 3 hour bookings available. Our saunas can take up to 16 people but we recommend a maximum of 10 at the moment to allow for some distancing. You can bring your own food and drink and we provide a Bluetooth speaker so you can play your favourite tunes.

Our saunas are located in Aker Brygge, just opposite Starbucks on Stranden. Just 5 minutes walk from National Theatre. See the map here.

Please bring a towel, swimwear and a water bottle.

No – swim wear is required at all times both inside and outside of the saunas.

Yes, we have a simple freshwater shower with cold water (which after a hot sauna is very refreshing!). Or you can cool off in the fjord!

Yes, we have a changing area in each sauna with storage for bags, coats etc.

We have no age limit, but children must be accompanied by an adult. All swimming and sauna is at your own risk. Children who participate must be able to swim.

We are always open throughout the holidays. And so far, due to our sheltered location, we never had to close due to bad weather!

Yes as long as you are sensible! We allow drinking inside the saunas, in moderation, however it is not allowed to consume alcohol outside the saunas. We do not recommend combining alcohol with swimming, ice bathing and sauna so you do so at your own risk. The sauna master can ask visibly intoxicated persons to leave due to safety.

Yes, we offer clip cards and various memberships. These can be purchased online   or in person at GreenBoats.

The saunas are private property but we want to encourage access to the fjord so as long as the dock is not being used for a private event then we are happy for you to go swimming from our dock. Please note that you do so at your own risk.

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